Working Ranch

We invite you to share our heritage and traditions. Do as much or as little as you’d like.

You will find ranch life a great change of pace. Connect with nature. Reconnect with others. Live what we call the good life in rhythm with the ranch seasons.

Make plans now to come by the G Bar M Ranch—horsemanship and hospitality at its best. We’ve got the welcome mat out … and the coffee pot is on.
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Horsemanship & Stockmanship

We offer guests a deeper understanding of the horse – how he thinks and the instincts by which he lives. Reaching a better level of communication with our horses and improving that partnership develops safer more confident riders and happier horses. Some call this approach “Natural Horsemanship” we call it traditional ranch horsemanship and we have been doing it for generations.

Stockmanship is the art of handling cattle horseback in a low stress and humane manner. We live by this guideline when we are calving, branding, trailing cattle to summer pasture, or gathering in the fall.

Whether it is positioning your horse, opening a gate on horseback, covering ground on a long trot, or roping a calf … it is all about learning cowboying techniques and developing a partnership with your horse.

Regardless which week you come, you’ll have the opportunity to advance your riding skills to the next level.

Working Ranch Cowboy School

Our Ranch Cowboy School goes “beyond bootcamp!” Matching participants with a solid ranch horse is one to the keys to the success of our cowboying school.

The G Bar M gives participants the opportunity to practice traditional open range techniques including herding, trailing, and the sorting and “pairing-up” that is part of life on a working ranch.

Ranch-roping demonstrations are offered. Rider’s safety is paramount as we teach guests how to ride to position on a cow and the basics of roping.

There is an old saying, “When the student ready, the teacher will appear,” and for those fortunate enough to make their way to the G Bar M, the teachers are experienced working cowboys.

Call Mike for dates of the Cowboy School.
Leffingwell Cattle Company
(406) 686-4425

On Ranch Activities

Regular Activities. Guests may participate in various kinds of cattle work on horseback. Occasional colt training, on-the-ground roping, and arena work. More open riding than trail riding, although there is always a little of both when you are in the mountains.

Mike’s term for the cattle work in the arena is “cow maneuvers” … it is not exactly team penning but you do work as a team to get the cows to navigate through a prescribed pattern… it’s the G Bar M’s famous “cow barrel race”.

When not riding, guests enjoy fishing for rainbow trout in Brackett Creek. Basic fishing gear is available at the ranch. Or take a break, hike a mountain trail, or simply relax. It is your vacation.

Off Ranch Activities

Off Ranch Activities include day trips
For fisher-folk whose interests extend beyond the ranch, there is guided fishing nearby on the Gallatin and Yellowstone Rivers, all Blue Ribbon trout streams.

Touring Yellowstone Natl Park on your own (90 miles) or booking with Karst Stage.

Learn first-hand why the LA Times ranked Bozeman (26 miles) among the world’s top 16 travel destinations.

Explore the historic town of Livingston (28 miles) Lewis & Clark Caverns, and/or the Museum of the Rockies.