An Authentic
Ranch Experience

We are confident our hands-on working ranch vacation will enrich your life—horsemanship, and hospitality at its best. We are ranch people and we want to share our heritage and our love of ranching.

You will find ranch life a great change of pace—living the good life in these mountains in rhythm with the ranch seasons. Make plans now to come by the G Bar M Ranch where generations of our family have lived and worked in this scenic part of Montana.
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We offer guests a deeper understanding of the horse – how he thinks and the instincts by which he lives. Reaching a better level of communication with our horses and improving that partnership develops safer more confident riders and happier horses. Some call this approach “Natural Horsemanship” we call it traditional ranch horsemanship and we have been doing it for generations.

Whether you come the week of our G Bar M Horsemanship Clinic or you come during another week, you’ll have the opportunity to advance your riding skills to the next level.


Stockmanship is the art of handling cattle horseback in a low stress and humane manner. We live by this guideline when we are calving, branding, trailing cattle to summer pasture, or gathering in the fall.

The G Bar M Stockmanship Clinic offers guests the opportunity to practice traditional open range techniques including trailing, sorting, holding the herd rodear style, as well as the sorting and “pairing-up” that is part of life on a working ranch.

Ranch-roping demonstrations are offered and rider’s safety is paramount as we teach guests how to ride to position on a cow and the basics of roping.

The Stockmanship Clinic week is best suited for intermediate to experienced riders or those who have completed the G Bar M Horsemanship Clinic.

Horsemanship Classes

Horsemanship Clinic
Early June & Late September
Information Coming Soon

Leffingwell Cattle Company
Colt Starting/Horsemanship
Call for dates (406) 686-4425

Ranch Activities

Regular Activities
Fishing, Floating, Bird watching, Hiking, Riding,
Wildflower Expeditions, Spring Riding

Day ride Instruction (Please Call to Reserve)

Skiing & Winter Activities
Cross Country Skiing at Bohart Ranch -Groomed
Downhill Skiing at Bridger or Big Sky
Dinner & Sleigh Rides, Wildlife Viewing
Snowshoeing, Yellowstone Park Exploration

Day Outings For Groups
FFA, Scouts, 4-H

Specialty Retreats
Quilting Retreats, Cooking Retreats, Business Retreats, Artist Retreats, Family Reunions, Birthdays